Sunday, 23 November 2014

MSI Grant for Hospital Demolition

MSI capital projects must be approved before funds are paid out. The demolition did not appear to qualify for these grants since it did not result in a public facility or infrastructure. I am waiting for the 2013 List of  Accepted Projects.  The MSI folks told me "early Fall".

I have been trying to get information about the grant situation. The MSI Guidelines say that municipalities must publish a list of grants, but CNP just refers me to the MSI website. The latest report there says we did not get ANY capital grants for 2013 (we should be under "Specialized Municipality", page 4). Weren't the entrance signs and hospital demolition supposed to be paid for from 2013 MSI grants?

The MSI folks tell me:
The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass' project was not approved until June 2014, therefore it will not show up until the 2014 list is posted. I can confirm that their project, Crowsnest Center Demolition, was approved for $250,000, with activities including the demolition of the Crowsnest Center and rehabilitate the site.

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